Celebrating a Decade of Melodies: The Live Music Project’s Global Harmony

Celebrating a Decade of Melodies: The Live Music Project's Global Harmony

In the quaint, vibrant locales of Goa, The Live Music Project (TLMP) marks a significant milestone—ten years of orchestrating an auditory journey with live music from around the globe. It’s a celebration not just of music but of cultural confluence and artistic collaboration.

Co-founders Vinesh Iyer and Darryl Noronha are the maestros behind this symphony of sounds. Their vision transcends the conventional, aiming to weave a tapestry of live art forms that resonate across continents. Their mission is to create a global community where artists and enthusiasts converge, transcending boundaries through the universal language of music.

As TLMP steps into its next decade, the founders look forward to expanding their reach. They envision a future where TLMP becomes a nexus for national and international collaborations, fostering a broader spectrum of live art forms. Darryl’s invitation is a clarion call to the creative souls, “We are looking for collaborators, partners… anybody who is interested in contributing, come and join the bandwagon.”

This ethos of inclusivity and passion for art is what sets TLMP apart. It’s not just a platform for showcasing talent but a movement to support and uplift the art community. With initiatives like community radio and the Soundtrack Café, TLMP is more than a record label—it’s a beacon for world music, illuminating the path for emerging and established artists alike.

As we echo Darryl’s sentiment, it’s an opportune moment for us to join hands with TLMP. Supporting such endeavours not only promotes world music but also fortifies the art community, fostering a nurturing environment for creativity to flourish.

Here’s to TLMP—a decade down, and countless melodies to go. May the chords they strike resonate with the rhythm of the world, and may their music continue to be the soundtrack of our shared human experience.

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Discover the Rhythms of Community at Soundtrack Cafe

Discover the Rhythms of Community at Soundtrack Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Pune city,  the Soundtrack Cafe emerges as a harmonious retreat for coffee aficionados and music lovers alike. It’s not just a cafe; it’s a destination where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the nostalgic essence of music, creating a community space without borders.


Soundtrack Cafe Culture is where every cup of coffee tells a story, and every song inspires a new connection. It’s a world where coffee and music create a symphony of community. 

A Symphony of Flavours and Melodies

We at Soundtrack Cafe believe that every sip of coffee is a note in a melody, and every patron is part of a song that never ends. Our vibrant cafe is a haven for customers of all ages, resonating with lively notes that echo through its friendly atmosphere. It’s a place where the love for coffee and music transcends age, creating a mosaic of experiences and memories.

Coffee Meets Vinyl

Coffee is just the beginning. Our real pride and joy is our impressive collection of vinyl records, a testament to the timeless connection between coffee and music. Visitors are invited to explore the rich textures of sound while indulging in the cafe’s signature blends. The crackle of a vinyl record is the perfect accompaniment to the cafe’s artisanal brews, each enhancing the other’s presence.

A Community Hub

Soundtrack Cafe is more than a cafe; it’s a community hub where barriers dissolve at the door. Here, conversations flow as freely as the coffee, and music is the universal language spoken by all. It’s a place where connections are made, ideas are shared, and the community thrives.


We invite you to come and experience the perfect blend of coffee and music for yourself. Let the rhythms of the cafe set the tempo for your day, and while you’re there, immerse yourself in the rich history of music with their extensive vinyl collection. Soundtrack Cafe is not just a stop on your daily routine; it’s an experience that stays with you.


Join the conversation and become a part of the Soundtrack Cafe Community. Share your moments with us using #soundtrackcafe.

Let’s brew a culture together!

Celebrating the Harmony of Learning: Soundtrack Cafe’s Music Workshop for Kids​

Celebrating the Harmony of Learning: Soundtrack Cafe’s Music Workshop for Kids

In the heart of Pune, a melody of growth and learning resonates through the walls of Soundtrack Cafe. It is here that the seeds of musical wisdom are sown in the fertile minds of children, where the language of music becomes a bridge to a world of endless possibilities. The recent music workshop for kids was not merely an event; it was a crescendo of education, joy, and self-discovery.

A Chorus of Success

The workshop was a resounding success, with little maestros exploring the world of music under the expert guidance of our mentor, Shruti Jakati. Her dedication to music education is unparalleled, and her ability to connect with children is truly inspiring. We are immensely grateful to Shruti for orchestrating a journey that allowed each child to discover their own rhythm and melody.

Ode to Teamwork

The symphony of this event was composed by the relentless efforts of a team dedicated to transforming a vision into an unforgettable reality. The Soundtrack Cafe crew, driven by a profound passion for music and education, ensured that every chord of the workshop struck in perfect harmony. Their dedication mirrored the cafe’s ethos—fostering community, igniting creativity, and nurturing education.The Soundtrack Cafe team, with their unwavering passion and commitment, ensured that every aspect of the workshop was in perfect harmony. From the logistics to the smiles on the children’s faces, their efforts resonated with the core values of our cafe—community, creativity, and education.


Special applause goes to our diligent team members, Abhyuday Endait, Neha Sejpal, Apurva Thakare, Peeyush Singh, and Vartika Gangwani, who, alongside Shruti Jakati, orchestrated this workshop into a monumental success.

Encore for Education

As the workshop’s final notes linger in the air, its reverberations will continue to inspire. At Soundtrack Cafe, we hold the conviction that music education is vital for the comprehensive development of children. We take pride in having initiated the first harmonies of what we envision as a lifelong romance with music for these budding artists.


We eagerly anticipate the continuation of such workshops, each an avenue to craft the symphony of education, one note at a time, and to witness the blossoming of young talent into the maestros of tomorrow. The journey of learning is an ongoing concert, and at Soundtrack Cafe, every child is a soloist on the stage of growth. Let the music play on!

The Art of Coffee and Music: A Symphony for the Senses

The Art of Coffee and Music: A Symphony for the Senses

In the world of art and sensory experiences, few pairings are as harmonious as coffee and music. Both are universal languages that transcend cultural barriers, bringing people together in a shared moment of enjoyment.

Coffee: The Art in Every Cup

Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a craft that has been perfected over centuries. Each bean tells a story of its origin, from the soil it was grown into the hands that harvested it. The journey from bean to cup is a meticulous process, akin to an artist painting a canvas or a sculptor chiselling away at the marble.


A coffee roaster is the maestro of this process, carefully adjusting temperature and time to highlight the unique characteristics of each bean. The result is a complex blend of flavours and aromas that can evoke emotions and memories, much like a timeless piece of music.

Music: The Harmony in Every Note

Music, in its essence, is an exploration of sound and silence. It’s a creative expression that can convey feelings and stories without uttering a single word. The beauty of music lies in its ability to create a shared experience, a connection between the musician and the listener.


Just as a composer arranges notes to create a symphony, a coffee roaster blends beans to create a harmonious flavour profile. The melody of music and the aroma of coffee both have the power to transport us to another place, to stir our souls and awaken our senses.

A Symphony of Senses

When coffee and music come together, they create an ambience that is both invigorating and comforting. Imagine sitting in a cosy café, sipping on a perfectly crafted latte while a gentle jazz tune plays in the background. It’s an immersive experience that engages all the senses, leaving you content and at peace.

Appreciating the Craft

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the artistry and passion that goes into creating these experiences. Whether it’s the coffee roaster who wakes up before dawn to start the day’s roast or the musician who pours their heart into every performance, their dedication to their craft is what brings beauty into our lives. As we enjoy our next cup of coffee or listen to our favourite song, let’s remember the artistry behind them.

In conclusion, coffee and music are more than just pleasures for the palate and the ears; they are forms of art that enrich our lives and soothe our souls. So, here’s to the roasters, baristas, the composers, and all the artists in between – thank you for the symphony of sensations you provide us every day at The Soundtrack Cafe.


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