Celebrating a Decade of Melodies: The Live Music Project's Global Harmony

In the quaint, vibrant locales of Goa, The Live Music Project (TLMP) marks a significant milestone—ten years of orchestrating an auditory journey with live music from around the globe. It’s a celebration not just of music but of cultural confluence and artistic collaboration.

Co-founders Vinesh Iyer and Darryl Noronha are the maestros behind this symphony of sounds. Their vision transcends the conventional, aiming to weave a tapestry of live art forms that resonate across continents. Their mission is to create a global community where artists and enthusiasts converge, transcending boundaries through the universal language of music.

As TLMP steps into its next decade, the founders look forward to expanding their reach. They envision a future where TLMP becomes a nexus for national and international collaborations, fostering a broader spectrum of live art forms. Darryl’s invitation is a clarion call to the creative souls, “We are looking for collaborators, partners… anybody who is interested in contributing, come and join the bandwagon.”

This ethos of inclusivity and passion for art is what sets TLMP apart. It’s not just a platform for showcasing talent but a movement to support and uplift the art community. With initiatives like community radio and the Soundtrack Café, TLMP is more than a record label—it’s a beacon for world music, illuminating the path for emerging and established artists alike.

As we echo Darryl’s sentiment, it’s an opportune moment for us to join hands with TLMP. Supporting such endeavours not only promotes world music but also fortifies the art community, fostering a nurturing environment for creativity to flourish.

Here’s to TLMP—a decade down, and countless melodies to go. May the chords they strike resonate with the rhythm of the world, and may their music continue to be the soundtrack of our shared human experience.

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